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I’m Despina, woman, wife, mother, teacher and healer… and ever since I can remember I wanted to help people feel better.My mission is to heal the world, touching one heart at a time.
Finding the world of energy healing has been a great blessing in my life and I am touched so deeply to see the people I work with get rid of their emotional blocks and baggage.

Energy Healing with Me

As an intuitive energy healer, I make sure each session is tailored to your own needs. Using various energy healing modalities, such as the Emotion Code, blocked energy is removed from your body and you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Your Soul Map

KNOW YOURSELF DEEPLY and UNLOCK YOUR FULLEST POTENTIALWhen I received my Soul Map reading I was blown away by the richness of information it contained.
It’s like having a manual on what your fullest potential is and what you need to work on in order to get there. NO NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT MYSELF!
This is why I decided to get certified and bring to you this powerful modality and sacred knowledge.The Soul Map reading is done only once; no need to repeat it. What you can repeat every year, though, is your year’s reading so that you know what areas you need to focus on for your growth, what to avoid and what lessons you will receive in the coming year.With your map, you will have a sense of greater awareness of yourself, a deep understanding of how your life has unfolded and continues to unfold, let alone those aha moments of “My whole life makes so much sense now!!!”Your soul is calling you! It’s time to listen and receive your blessings! Ask for your Personal Map NOW and receive your personal guide for your life. Understand your life through a powerful lens and unlock your full potential for the future!

Greek Global Heart

Κάθε δεύτερη Δευτέρα του μήνα συναντιόμαστε για journaling, ενεργειακό καθαρισμό και διαλογισμό με διαφορετικό θέμα κάθε φορά.

Global Heart Healing
Luna Circles

Each full moon with her unique energies guides me and Sarah to create a safe space for all of you to explore yourself, receive healing and give yourself some self-care time.

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